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Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh Tannebaum Oh Tannebaum

Decorating the family Christmas tree is definitely something I look forward to doing with our family each year.

This is a pre-lit tree...thank goodness!  The bulk of the ornaments are Hallmark, 

but there are also various sizes of colored Christmas balls, German style candle

holders with red candles, homemade popcorn garland (that I save from year to

year) and a tin star on top.

I started buying Hallmark ornaments before I was married and the tradition has

continued for over 25 years.  Our 2 kids (now adults) each get at least one

ornament every year and open them on Christmas Eve and place them on the 

tree.  It didn't take long for them to figure out that the gift they got to open on 

Christmas Eve was an ornament (and another gift was their new pajamas, our 

other tradition).

An ornament from a favorite Christmas movie...Rudolph the Red-Nosed

Reindeer.  Now we have it on DVD and don't have to wait for it to come on 

television...although my kids never liked it as much as I did as a kid.

This one was for my daughter last year...we like to have a "girl's day" and get 

We also have a tree in our family room.  This one has been decorated the same 

way for 8 or so years.  It's a tall, skinny tree that doesn't take up much room.

It's decorated with white lights and candle lights, pewter ornaments with red 

ribbon, homemade gingerbread men, draping candles, a few wood Santas, a 

cream wood bead garland, old fashioned tin icicles and a tin punched star.

There's a small tree that I put in the kitchen.  I made all the ornaments years 


The ornaments are made from cinnamon sticks, thin "slices" of wood, small

spools and small clothes pin that replicate a candle holder, and cookie cutter 

style ornaments made from a cinnamon applesauce recipe and others from 

bread and then dipped in wax.

Thanks for stopping by ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS


  1. Your trees are so pretty! It is wonderful that you put thought and meaning into your decorations. My Mother in law and I made cinnamon ornaments many years ago and mine were crushed.

    I had to laugh about the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer movie-I LOVED that movie as a kid, and my kids are not as thrilled about it as I was/AM. ha ha! I STILL love that movie =)


  2. I love your den tree. How about a little tutorial on making those bread and/or applesauce ornaments??? Pretty please?

  3. Hey Chris, The blog looks great and your home is lovely all decorated for Christmas. I love the Byer's carolers and those santas! Wonder if I can find the carolers on sale anywhere after Christmas. I've always wanted some of those.

  4. Such pretty decor! I love all the ornaments on your kitchen tree. I'm your newest follower.

  5. Miss Charming - Thanks for the compliments!...and for becoming a follower :)

  6. Love visiting...I found you on linky and I'm following you there too! Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Loretta

    click on my pic to get to my blog! Thanks