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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

I've really enjoyed decorating our home for Christmas this year.
I love bringing in fresh greenery and making the house look festive.  The warm glow of Christmas lights and candles makes every room look cozy and warm.  It's the best time of the year!

Starting in our living room, this silver tray sits on our coffee table.  The Santa is from Hallmark this year; the Snowman I've had for years, but probably a T.J. Maxx purchase; and the music box in front was purchased before I was married over 25 years ago when I was stationed in Japan.  When you wind it up, the snowman dances and spins on the "ice" to the song, "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas".

I've collected Santas for about 15 years.  Some of my favorite ones...the tall skinny one in the background in front of the platter - it's made from an antique spool; the short chunky one on the far left is made from a thick wood branch; and the German "smoker" Santa in the back was purchased while on a trip my husband and I took to Germany last year.

I like using fresh greenery, white lights and lots of snow.

A small collection of snowmen...surrounded by (fake) snow. 

This antique sewing machine was a gift from my mother years ago.  It gets moved from the living room to the foyer at Christmas time to make room for our Christmas tree.  The ribbon going around the large opening into our living room is where we hang our Christmas cards.

The angel pictured here is a gift from my new friend Mary, whom I met through Susan's blog "Between Naps on the Porch".  Susan lives in Georgia and Mary and I are both followers of her blog.  I struck up an email conversation with Mary one day and after several exchanges, we realized we were neighbors!...we have lived a block from each other for 12 years and had never met!  Life is full of wonderful surprises =)

I love birdhouses and thought this little guy was cute...purchased him at Walmart early in the season...$ it!
A little Hallmark vignette on the sideboard.   

A lamp post and a garden gate

The dining room table

When decorating for Christmas, I always display the children's yearly picture with Santa.  It's always fun to look at these pictures and remember when they were taken.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our home.


  1. WOW AGAIN. Your home is just so well done-I wish everyone could pop in your pictures to see it for themselves. It is really so beautiful and wonderful! You should sell tickets! =) I didn't realize that sweet little bird and house under the cloche was a Walmart find! You have a good eye!

    I am glad you found a little home for your angel. That was sweet.

  2. Thanks Mary! And I love my little angel!